Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Sunday

Good Morning.

Well, 1/2 the weekend is over and I feel like I have only accomplished 1/8th of what I wanted to do this weekend.

I did get some yard work done yesterday and went to the store to get some odds and ends needed for the house.

I also made a sale on the BNR thread on ETSY so I am sooooooooo excited about that! I went to the supply shop and purchased some new items for my jewelry (some great things will come out of them). I made some special earrings to send with the necklace that was purchased as a surprise. The necklace purchased was a simple piece but very pretty so I hope my buyer loves it and the earrings. I have put in a little picture of my work area.. the kitchen table. With 3 kids all the rooms in the house are used up and bursting at the seams; so this is my area.

What else... I had a TEXT conversation with my son. They did very good at the football camp at UCF and he was very happy with his performance so that was good. He is at church camp now in Panama City... Lucky Him! He said so far it was AMAZING!

I plan to do some more yard work today, make/finish some jewelry to post on Etsy and go to the grocery store!!

I just need to figure out how to squeeze 12 more hours out of Sunday!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend... and tell me what you have been doing!!


  1. Did you get all your crazy Sunday business done? :)

  2. Congrats on the BNR sale! And man, I know what you mean... this weekend went way too fast for me too! Hope you got some stuff accomplished yesterday.

  3. I got most of it done... the problem is as you are going through your day it seems other things are added!


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