Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Blah!!

Well I am taking a minute from my crazy "day job" to catch up.
The weekend went very fast... to fast...

I was able to get several things done but not nearly what I needed to get done. I have started my first charm bracelet and am excited at how it is coming. I will end up being a more expensive piece due to all the great things and quality of items but I definitely think it will be worth it. Hope to finish it tonight!

I want to make mention again of the BNR that I am involved with right now... the obvious reason would be for promotion but that is not the only reason.. I have had the pleasure over the last couple of days to get to know (at least a little) some very talented and amazing women. They are busy mothers who find time to help promote each other while dealing with teething children, cooking, cleaning, some with jobs outside the home etc. so I bring up this BNR because not only are there these talented shops but also a shop that donates ALL proceeds to charity!!.
You need to check out this thread!!!

Thanks and remember keep shopping!!

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