Friday, June 19, 2009

Kids, Kids, Kids

Ok, I was a teenager once but sometimes I must forget. I have one child that is a teenager now and two that are well on their way.
I am just not sure how they think. They have a logic that defies nature and truly see nothing wrong with this logic.
Teenager is out with friends to a movie. Supposed to be home around 9PM. The movie is over and they decide they want to get something to eat. He text me to let me know. Now note he text; gosh forbid we CALL a person anymore. Anyway, in the text he says "Going to Eat will be late". Of Course I am outside with the little ones and do have the phone but do not hear the little Text alert.
Now here is the teenage logic... I sent a text and regardless if you got it or responded to it I did my job and informed you I was going to be late. AND I saved you from having to make something for me to eat. AND I was not driving and they wanted to stop and eat.

OK, now that you have the "logic"... thoughts??

Mine was.. you need to seek and obtain permission before changing plans. Am I crazy??


  1. mine are 10 and 8 and i am dreading the teenage years! I think I will be a nervous wreck

  2. your not crazy - no matter what our teenagers think! Had a simmular experiance with my son who is 16. Decided that to call would wake me up if I was asleep - to his surprise I was up when he walked in the door an hour + Late... His thinking "I didnt want to Bother You, Mom". Mine "ahhhh where were you, it was snowing, did you all die in a car crash!" Agains, but Mom we are fine.
    NOW... No call = grounding, no internet or video games (the life blood of my son). Mothers are sooooo mean!!
    But we LOVE them soooooo MUCH!

  3. At least I know it is just not me.

  4. Hah! I see text as the ultimate teenager maneuvering opportunity...(" I can TELL them what I'm going to do, rather than call and ASK or converse with them seeking permission...).

    Ugh. Makes me glad one of mine, at least, is no longer a teenager. ;)

  5. It is insane.. they do think it is ok.
    I agree with you Pat!


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