Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For all of those sellers and buyers on Etsy I want to make sure you know about the Sneak Attack and the team behind it.
A Sneak Attack was designed to support new Etsy Shops or Shops that had very few sales. (see for more specific details) Every week (couple of times a week) a sneak team member hosts a Sneak Attack. They choose at least 1 but up to 3 new/low sales shops to "Attack". The time leading up to the attack is tons of fun for those that choose to be involved (yes I said choose because anyone can participate in a Sneak Attack). We have a thread dedicated to that Attack for that day and everyone talks and jokes through out the day. At the designated time it is all business and the Cart Wars ensue. The shops are announced on and then everyone goes shopping.
Imagine the surprise on the face of that shop owner when they go from 0 sales to 12 sales in one very short day or even hour (and yes this happens all the time for these Attacked shops).

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of this very special team and concept. I am very lucky to be a part of this wonderful group and wanted to share this with everyone.

Make sure to stop by the Anniversary Thread and take part in the special Sneak Attack.

Also check out the Happy Sneakaversary Song LaBeq.Etsy.Com made:


  1. Gee whiz, thanks for reminding me! I'm going to post something about this!

  2. Thanks for giving the Team a shout out!

  3. Great blog E and thank you for highlighting the Sneakers and the talent!


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