Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Shops Feature

To your right and down a little you will see a small blurb about two very special teams on Etsy.
I wanted to thank those that have been a support to me by showing off some of my favorite items from their shops.
Over the next week I will rotate in and out the different shops that have been an inspiration to me and on these two very special teams!

Go Sneak Team!!
Go Busy Moms of Etsy!!

Many warm thanks from ME!


  1. ES, that is an awesome thing to do. Some very great artisans and friends. And thanks for posting of my cards from my card shop. That is sweet of you. I will remember to come often to see who "new" you have.

  2. Thank you SO much Erica, for putting one of my key chains on here. I think that we must have a mutual admiration going on, because you really have some lovely jewelry!

    Thank you also for supporting the Etsy Sneak Attack Team. We had an awesome turnout, in large part to bloggers like yourself.

    I'm following you... in a good way!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring one of my drawrings I'm most attached to. You're awesome, Erica!!

  4. this is cool! and thank you also!
    this is one af my favs from shell;
    the pink cheeta trinket box that you have showing.

    a bunch of happy, 6 mini cards, by TheArtOfJoy
    the butterscotch bracelet by shades


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