Friday, October 2, 2009

My First Give Away

OK.. you are just in time for the first ever EsThings give away.
I have watched many blog sites do give aways, promotions etc. I have seen several that have been very successful so I thought why not. It is a great way to get people to see several different Etsy Shops.

The way this one works:

~It is designed to help promote shops on etsy
~I will list 3 shops
~You will need to leave a comment naming 1 of your favorite items from two of the listed shops and why you like them

That's it!

The prize???? A $20 gift Certificate to EsThings.Etsy.Com

The Shops:

Be sure to comment and let me know your favs!

The drawing will be random and will take place on 10/9/09.

Good Luck and Keep Shopping.


  1. My favorites:

    From JustForTheShellOfIt: the ring bearer shell:

    It is such a creative take on a classic wedding tradition!

    From TheArtofJoy--I like the enjoyment mini cards:

    The circle pattern is pretty!

    From ShadesofVictoria--I love the high-tide necklace:

    Such a pretty color of blue!

  2. on art of joy....
    i love the contrast of the black! it's different.

    i love the clasp and how natural the stones look!

  3. From Shades of Victoria, My fav is the Lazy Daisy Bracelet because the colors she used is gorgeous, they go so well together.

    From The Art of Joy, My fav is the Many Thanks Mini Cards, Set of 6 - because they're so cute and the design is so simple but yet, very eye catching.

    Thanks for the chance to win, I put up your giveaway at Handmade Giveaways as well!

    origamibysisi at gmail dot com

  4. From justfortheshellofit:
    because I love the cute hairpins:)

    From sades of victoria:
    love the blue piece of it.


    thanks for the opportunity!

  5. ♥ Ivory Cream and White Trinket/Treasure Box For Gift Presentation to Bridal Attendants from JustForTheShellOfIt.

    ♥ Whimsy - Set of 3, Hand Illustrated Cards from TheArtOfJoy.

    ♥ Pink Fancy Briolette Vine Earrings from shadesofvictoria.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  6. I love the Gold Sand Dollar Ornament from Just for the Shell of It. I have a lot of nautical themed ornaments, and that would just go perfectly.
    From The Art of Joy, I really like the Fun Tags - Set of 6. They're just so cute, and they'd make great year-round gift tags!

  7. From Just The Shell Of It-I like Autumn Leaves Set

    From The Art Of Joy-I like Mini Cards set of 3 in Leaves

    From Shades Of Victoria-I like Shady Rose Bracelet


  8. My favorites
    1. shop - Desktop Angel
    2. shop - Mini Cards - Set of 4, Hand Illustrated
    3. shop - (link doesn't work well) Crimson Crown Bracelet
    egateris at gmail dot com

  9. I like the Seashell Dreamcatcher from the first shop and the Mini Cards - Set of 4, Hand Illustrated from the second shop.


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